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Silence any hunting jacket - $20 solution!

Most whitetail hunters know that all it takes is the smallest sound at the wrong time to spook that buck of a lifetime. Most hunting outerwear can be really loud when brushed against dry tree bark. Sitka Gear makes some good quiet outerwear and I've reviewed it here (coming soon).

Try this as a test. . . put on your favorite hunting jacket and rub your forearms together. Can you hear that? Now amplify that 10x and that's what the deer hear.

Hack: Here is a very simple, effective and low-cost hack to silence your expensive hunting jacket.

  1. Purchase a Rothco Long Sleeve Camo T-Shirt on Amazon for under $20; I like these t-shirts for several reasons. First, Rothco offers these in sizes up to 5XL. My outer layer is a KUIU DCS Guide Jacket in XXL and I will wear a few layers underneath when it's cold. I purchased the t-shirt in 3XL to fit comfortably over top. The second reason I like these t-shirts is the variety of camo patterns including "old school" woodland, tiger stripe and a few digital camo colors.

  2. Slip the t-shirt over your hunting jacket. I zipped my down vest inside my hunting jacket to better approximate the fit.

  3. Use a sharpie or piece of chalk to mark where the jacket pockets are located. Cutting a few strategic holes in the t-shirt allows you to access your pockets. CAUTION: It is tempting to skip step #3 and just start cutting. Don't do that. You risk cutting a hole in a very expensive jacket.

  4. Remove the t-shirt and cut oval shape holes. The best way to do that is to pinch the fabric and cut two layers of material (see pic #3 & #4 below). You don't have to be very precise since the material is cotton and will easily stretch. If you are a few inches off, you'll still be able to access your pockets.

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