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First Lite - Shale Touch Hybrid Glove

The Shale Tough Hybrid Gloves by First Lite are everyday work gloves that you can wear for hunting. They are made with 37.5 Merino-X Wool (see video below) and reinforced with Goatskin leather on the palms, fingers and knuckles. While being tough gloves there is enough index finger sensitivity to use a touch screen. It appears that First Lite added a loop on the backside of the glove. This simple features allows you to attach your gloves with s small carabiner to your pack to dry out-- very well designed. My gloves are several years old and don't have this feature.

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

  • Color/Pattern: Dry Earth, Hunters Orange, First Lite Cipher, First Lite Fusion

  • Price $80.00

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