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Cabela's Extreme II GORE-TEX Shooting Gloves for Men

With gloves like most things in life, you get what you pay for. That said, the Extreme II GORE-TEX Shooting Gloves by Cabela's are a good pair of gloves for the 30' - 40' range. The gloves include 80-gram Thinsulate in the palms and 160-gram Thinsulate on the back of the hand. After having used these gloves for a few season and compared them with others I own, I find the fingers run a little small. I recommend sizing up.

The palms certainly provide enough dexterity to easily carry a bow or rifle. And I could easily shoot a rifle with these gloves. For me, I would not use my bow release with gloves that are this thick. When bow hunting, I wear a much thinner glove on my right-hand (my bow-release hand)

HACK: I mentioned above that I wear different gloves on each hand when I am bow hunting. One day while gearing up at 4:30am, I accidentally grabbed two left-gloves. . . that's easier to do than you think when you're mixing sets of gloves. After that, I wrote the letter "L" on all of my left-hand gloves with a Sharpie. Now, I see with a quick glance that have both a right and left glove.

Cabela's also sells the StrikerIce Combat Leather Gloves with 200g Thinsulate designed for ice fishing $119.99

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